An Introduction to: L.A.D.


Throughout history comedy has been a way to criticise and challenge the government, just as the Greeks did in ancient Athens, it is being done in Northern Ireland.

It has not been done as dynamically as it has been done recently. Using social media as a base, the satirical group ‘Loyalists against democracy’ has been set up to make fun of the sectarian beliefs of so many in Northern Ireland.

They began after a series of protests by loyalists (people who want to stay loyal to the queen) after a democratic decision was made to fly the Union flag only on selected holidays.

LAD take snippets of comments made on Facebook, Twitter, make videos on Youtube, they photoshop pictures. Sometimes they even just repost official news media coverage to get the message across; the absurdity of Northern Irish politics (please see Willie Frazer dressed as Abu Hamza to go to court).

Their critique does not stop with politicians. Stephen Nolan, the very popular presenter of a TV and radio show has also been attacked by LAD.

Nolan is criticised for his style of reporting for using hyperbole and polarising an already polemic province, so his ability to soothe a country still split by extreme opinions is questioned.


Also, Photoshoping very dark and threatening murals, LAD have challenged how acceptable it is to be proud of a culture that praise violent gangs, called paramilitaries.

Here is Roy Walker, a treasured television presenter from Northern Ireland. A familiar face in any household in the UK and a Northern Irish stereotype. Unfortunately, the masked gunmen are too.


Reporting on controversial subjects can always get you in trouble. LAD are no strangers to this having had their Facebook Group removed three times and often hitting the headlines.

For more information and a description of the group:


One thought on “An Introduction to: L.A.D.

  1. LAD is going a long way to raising the profile of no-hoper loyalists like Jamie bryson…even though they ridicule him (on an almost daily basis)…its only serving to add guile to his backward campaign. he has over 4000 followers now and LAD are partly to thanks for this.. it would also be nice if they had more of a go at republicanism too… ‘PUL’ gets the brunt of LAD’s banter

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