In The Face of Europe

UK Independence Party want an independent Britain, but I am curious to what this Britain will look like.

“I feel European because of my appearance” This is what UKIP member and MEP said in response to being asked at the European parliament in Strasbourg, if he felt European.

Having spent some time travelling for this meeting, going from Ireland through England, Germany and ending in France, there is one thing I could vouch for is the diversity of a multicultural Europe.

The UKIP see the European Parliament as a democratic farce and so want Britain to be independent from the European Union. This means the democratically elected UKIP Members of the European Parliament sit with all the other democratically elected MEPs and vote on anything from human rights issues to food quality standards.

So Stuart Agnew feels European because of his appearance. Let’s have a look at his appearance.


He is a white middle class male who wears glasses and is on the thin side of overweight. There is something essentially British politician looking about him but I would say he bares no resemblance to the majority of the British or the European population. To start with he appears to be a man, so he does not look like half the population just to start with.

Lets have another look at Mr Agnew, he was born on the 30th of August 1949, so he is approaching pension age and is a Virgo. Virgos tend to be observant, analytical, helpful and reliable as well as being cold, interfering, inflexible and fussy.

In my opinion he looks like a Virgo. In his opinion he looks European.

If we strip back what he has said, take away the clothes and the glasses and we are left with his racial profile. If you are from a European country you are a European Citizen, entitled to all the privileges and rights of being from the European Union. My concern with Mr. Agnew’s comment stems from the connection with citizenship and racial profiling.

There is a misconception that UKIP are not like the British National Party, in that they are not racist and are simply pushing a political and economic agenda to benefit the British people. The agendas do differ, not in their racist immigration policies but in their appeal to the different white British classes. From Nick Griffin and the BNPs supporters talking about ‘Islamic ray guns’ to Nigel Farage rallying for votes at fox hunts.

The British right are tackling the working class and the upper classes to make Europe the enemy, Europe and it’s diverse racial profile.


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