BIRD Interview

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I like a good horror movie soundtrack, to go with the possible suspense horror that any day can turn into. Dark, yes, so is the paranoid mind. Liverpudlian foursome BIRD fill all the horror movie soundtrack criteria, with their haunting soundscapes and siren-esque vocals.

Influences drawing from bands like Joy Divison, The Cocteau Twins, The Cure and PJ Harvey, atmosphere building is worked heavily into every song. “We never set out and think ‘let’s make this really atmospheric’, it just kind of happens which is cool”, Adele Emmas told TYCI.

The eerie vibe from their music will only be extended when they play in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in May and by the fact, one of their first EPs was recorded in a church. “There’s always that celestial, other worldly vibe in churches which I think really lends itself to the sound of our music and the imagery it creates, the natural reverb is always great too. And they’re always such beautiful, grand buildings so visually it looks great.”

We asked Adele about the best gig they have played, when we caught up with her after the band got back from Europe. “I’d say it would have to be playing Congress Hall in Warsaw this year, whilst we were on tour supporting Rodriguez in Europe. The building was huge, seated three thousand people and every night we played was a sell out! Sometimes we’d only see the first few rows of people when we were on stage and then all of a sudden the lighting would change and you’d see thousands of faces staring back at you, very scary but such an amazing moment for us.”

Receiving growing attention and support from the likes of Lauren Laverne, BIRD have found themselves opening the main stage at the first BBC6 Music Festival. “The BBC 6 Music Festival was amazing, it was our first proper taste of a huge audience and the fact that we were sharing a stage with people like Damon Albarn and Haim was crazy. It all felt like a dream, so much so that the next day we were all like … ‘did that actually happen?!’ “

Bird have also shared a stage with TYCI faves PINS, who played our second ever live event back in December 2012 (where does the time go?!). “We love PINS and they’re doing brilliantly which is great to see”. We asked for a musical hot-tip and we got All We Are, who have been supporting Warpaint on their most recent European tour. Definitely worth checking out, if you’ve not already.

Telling us about their songwriting process, Adele explained that she would have a hook or even a completed song before going into the practice room but they would build on that together. “It’s great because we’ve worked closely together for a long time now and all know what we want from our sound, so new songs tend to come together quite easily.”

I’m sure there are a lot of musicians wishing they could say the same thing. As for the future for BIRD? “We’ll be releasing our debut album ‘My Fear and Me’ on Baltic Records at the end of May and will be doing a UK tour to coincide with that, hopefully we’ll be able to do some more support tours and will get to travel the world a bit more too. We’re going to have to get cracking on writing album number two at some point too!”

We will certainly be looking forward to all that in the coming months.

[Emily Molloy]


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